Medicinal and aromatic baths and wraps that you will fall in love with.... And completely free of chlorine...



Hrady a zámky – Loket, Bečov
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Bubbling Aroma Bath

When one returns from a demanding trip round the beauty spots of the Ore Mountains, nothing is better than a hot bath with extracts from fragrant essences to build an atmosphere the body or mind desires. Essential oils have nature’s rarest treasures which caress one’s health, body, and mind. Aromatherapy baths represent one of the most effective methods of aromatherapy; bringing relaxation to the body and dispel stress and fatigue. They give care to dry and sensitive skin. Choose your bath and relax.


It has an optimal composition of minerals, it is suitable as a great detox for the body to eliminate fatigue and replenish magnesium and minerals, as well as for skin, rheumatic and inflammatory problems. It helps cells improve metabolism and contributes to their regeneration. The minerals contained remove harmful substances from the skin and it is suitable for detoxifying the body. It regulates heart activity and muscle contractions, protects nerves, is known as an anti-stress ion, helps the body use vitamins C and E and prevents calcium deposits in the kidneys and gall bladder.Suitable for the following problems: skin diseases (psoriasis, chronic eczema, acne, ichthyosis (non-inflammatory genetic skin disease)) • rheumatism and arthritis (Bechterev's disease, osteoporosis) • vascular and nerve problems (neurasthenia) • helps women in menopause • cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, hypertension) • helps to treat female genital organs (inflammations, hormonal disorders) • dental diseases (inflammations of the oral cavity, periodontitis)

Hrady a zámky – Loket, Bečov
Tradiční značky: Moser, Becherovka, Thun, Mattoni


The aromatic bath with chestnut extract has positive effects on the veins and the cardiovascular system. It revitalises and strengthens dry skin.


A lavender extract bath helps combat depression; supports deep,satisfying sleep, and helps do away with mental tension and stress. Owing to its effects, it is one of the most popular baths.

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An aromatic bath with lemon balm extracts helps against migraines and insomnia. It is know to possess soothing effects and antiviral properties.


A calming bath with orange extracts acts as antidepressant; it refreshes and stimulates the mind.

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Infra-red sauna with a private relaxation zone

Use our infra-red sauna to relax from stress, accelerate the regeneration of your body, and boost your immunity. Infra-red heat relaxes you perfectly, washes away pollutants and dead cells to offer an overall restoration to your body and mind. The infra-red sauna is the perfect solution for those who cannot enjoy the traditional Finnish sauna for health reasons. The room is typically heated to 45-60 degrees.

Body wraps

Warm body wraps bring you a pleasant feeling of relaxation, soothing of the muscles as well as hydrating and firming of the skin. Treat your body with the magic of honey, chocolate, cinnamon and paraffin wraps of your choice.

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The curative effects of peat on the locomotive organs have proven to be irreplaceable over the years. Why not try the soothing effect of peat on your own skin? The leading benefits of peat balms are the exceptional heat properties which allow for gradual release of heat and deep warming of the organism, improvement of blood circulation in the tissues, relaxation of muscle tension, as well as analgesic effects.


Contains 90% pure beeswax. The high content of minerals and vitamins revitalises the skin, giving it a bright, fresh appearance.

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Greatly decelerates the process of ageing – nourishes, rejuvenates, regenerates, and tones the skin. Also supports the release of toxins from the body. It is the perfect choice as it renders the skin smooth and beautiful while being beneficial to the heart and aiding detoxification.


This is a highly efficient procedure with a whiff of cinnamon; it also helps with body forming and works against cellulite. Intensively stimulates the process of burning fat cells. Removes old fat deposits and prevents the formation of new ones. It is effective against cellulite. Helps towards a slender figure and sculpts the waistline, buttock and thigh area. Owing to the presence of cinnamon, the heating effect delivers the best results.

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Improvement of blood circulation aids joint movement and reduces joint pain. Paraffin also has cosmetic effects as the skin of the hands remains smooth and supple.