COVID SAFE – You are safe with us

Published: 26.4.2021

You are safe with us. All rooms and areas are treated with ozone. Of course we follow all regulations and measures in force. Furthermore:

  • After a guest has checked out, the room is thoroughly cleaned and treated with ozone for 100% sanitation. Ozone kills any bacteria and viruses in the room.
  • Of course sanitisers and protective equipment are available throughout the compound.
  • Only the guests of the hotel and guest house have access to the restaurant.
  • Wellness features are accessible only to persons from one room: once they have left, the area is sanitised and treated with ozone again.
  • The swimming pool is heated to 27–31° C until the end of October; no risk of contagion is present on the open air.
  • The compound has only 15 rooms in 3 buildings, 2 gardens, a terrace, 2 pergolas outside and a playground. Therefore, if you do not wish so, you do not need to meet anyone and can enjoy your space and peace. Furthermore, the compound is situated in beautiful nature. Nature is safe.
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