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Lázně Karlovy Vary, Jáchymov

Dvůr Stráň

The guest house is found in a picturesque location in the midst of the nature of the Ore Mountains and 10 minutes from the centre of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). There are hiking trails and bike paths of various lengths and difficulty levels running by the house. We are also a good starting point for planning your trips in the area.

Barbecue Evenings

On hot summer days, our guests can enjoy our regular barbecue evenings where you can enjoy the scenic views and taste traditional Czech specialities prepared on the barbecue.

Hrady a zámky – Loket, Bečov
Tradiční značky: Moser, Becherovka, Thun, Mattoni

Horse Riding

Some say the world looks better from horseback. See for yourself if they are right. We offer horse rides in beautiful nature as well as training lessons for adults and children. Children of our directly booking guests can enjoy pony rides free of charge.


Bike paths – Dvůr Stráň Hotel is the perfect place for a biking holiday as it is located in the midst of beautiful nature, right on Bike Path 6 in the Ore Mountains. You can conveniently put your bikes in our storage.
Are you arriving without your own bike? Use our bike rental shop and pedal away! We have bikes and accessories for adults and children.

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Nordic walking, aquaparky

Hiking – Nordic pole rental

Let us guide you to discover the marked paths in the vicinity of Dvůr Stráň. We will help you plan a route that meets your expectations. The nature in the Ore Mountains is the perfect place for walkers and Nordic-walking enthusiasts. Hiking paths run on the mountain ridges and on flat ground; everyone can choose a path to suit their proficiency level.

Places to see:

We have prepared an assortment of the best locations you can see in our region.

Spa towns


Carlsbad is a lovely spa town that boasts a rich history reaching back to the 14th century. Walking through the historic downtown, you can admire the Mlýnská, Sadová, Tržní, Zámecká and Vřídelní colonnades with their 12 mineral springs. The heart of the historic downtown is the Vřídelní colonnade with the Vřídlo geyser, reaching up to 12 metres high.

Golf, jezdectví


or the hypothetical gate of the Ore Mountains. This town will forever be known as the location of the world’s first radon spa, a rich history of mining, and the coinage of the tolar. You can visit the Royal Mint or one of the accessible mines.


Klínovec ski resort

Klínovec is the largest and most modern ski resort in the Ore Mountains. Combined with the Fichtelberg ski resort in Germany, it represents the InterSkiregion Fichtelberg-Klínovec which offers 47km of downhill slopes. Furthermore, Klínovec was joined with Neklid and Boží Dar last year.
The Jáchymovská slope (15 minutes by car away from us) has a chairlift with orange bubble cover. The slope offers parameters quite unique in Czechia: it is 3km long, up to 100m wide, with an elevation difference of 500m. Click HERE for details.

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Nordic walking, aquaparky

Trail Park Klínovec

Trail Park Klínovec offers a total of 30km of downhill bike trails in four levels of skill ranging from easy to hard. The trail park also rents bikes. The easy trails are suitable for families with children. Scooters can be used on these trails as well. You and your children will certainly appreciate the park operating a chairlift. This means you can relax on the way up and savour the scenery around you. Click HERE for details.

Castles and châteaux

Loket Castle

Loket Castle was built in the Middle Ages. Towering on a rock and surrounded by River Ohře, it is the heart of a lovely town. An attraction for numerous visitors, especially children, is the torture exhibition. Click HERE for details.

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Nordic walking, aquaparky

Bečov Château – Reliquary of St. Maurus

In the midst of Slavkovský Forest, on the bank of the River Teplá, lies the township of Bečov nad Teplou; its main tourist attraction is the unique historic site with a Gothic castle, a Renaissance palace and a Baroque château.
The Reliquary of St. Maurus is an exceptional golden relic in the Czech territory. In term of value, it compares with the Czech Crown Jewels. Its unearthing in 1985 is considered one of the largest finds in the former Czechoslovakia. Click HERE for details.

Fun not just for children

St. Linhart deer park

With an area of nearly 70 hectares, St. Linhart deer park offers an observation tower and a unique view of the countryside and animals: from above. For this purpose, a system of bridges has been built which lift the walking path to heights of up to 6 metres. The park has three parts. The animals that can be spotted include the sika deer, fallow deer, and wild boar. Click HERE for details.

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Diana observation tower

Diana observation tower As a local saying has it: “If you haven’t been to Diana, you haven’t really seen Carlsbad”. Diana allows you to see from above the historic downtown area of the spa town and its vicinity as well as the peaks of the Ore Mountains, Slavkovský Forest as well as the woods below. The location also has a small zoo and a butterfly house to please your children. You can comfortably arrive to the tower by a funicular directly from the Pupp Hotel. Active visitors can make use of the marked trails and climb through the beautiful spa woods. Click HERE for details.

Baby Jesus Trail

The Baby Jesus Trail is full of fun and activities for small and older children: they can choose whether they will walk the entire length (13km) or the shorter way (5.6km). They can follow the activities in various spots of the trail and record the findings in a notebook available at the Boží Dar Information desk. Upon returning the filled notebook at the information desk, they will receive a Baby Jesus stamp and a small prize. Click HERE for details.

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Museums and tours

Nordic walking, aquaparky

Becherovka Museum

Becherovka Museum Visit a Carlsbad tradition. Learn about Becherovka and gain a superb experience from the exceptional Becherovka history and heritage, the unique manufacturing process, the secret around the famous recipe, and the final tasting of the Jan Becher product portfolio. Click HERE for details.


Moser – an experience of a lifetime Enjoy a guided tour through the magic universe of Moser crystal glass. Breathe in the genuine atmosphere of glassmaking, smell the burned wood blocks, and live the history of over 155 years of glass manufacturing at Moser. As a cherry on top, you can visit the plant’s shopping gallery in Carlsbad. Discover the one and only universe of Moser crystal glass! Click HERE for details.

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